Graphite Portraits


Add 35 percent for each additional subject.

Graphite works are done on white Bristol smooth.

Commissions average 2-6 weeks from receiving references and contract, depending on size and artists work load.

 Pastel Portraits


Add 35 percent for each additional subject.

Pastel  Portraits are done on Colourfix paper, pastel bored or Stonehenge with a pastel ground, paper may be toned, colored or white.

Commissions average 4-10 weeks from receiving references and contract, depending on size, paper and artists work load.


Vector Portraits – digital

Any Line art, simple color blocking, single subject$25
AnyFull color, single subject$75

Add 25 percent per additional subject.

A high resolution file will be sent to the client upon completion, no print will be made unless requested.

Vector portraits can be printed by the artist for an additional fee.

Commissions average 2-4 weeks from receiving references and contract, depending on size and artists work load.


Charcoal/Oil/Colored pencil Portraits – Not Currently taking commissions

Fees above are for simple tonal backgrounds. Detailed background can be accommodated for an additional cost; please email for a quote.

Sizes listed above are basic sizes. If you would like a specific size, please email for a quote.

Subjects other than people can be drawn. Please email for a quote for pet, object or landscape works.

There is a 25 percent non-refundable deposit due before any work is begun.

The fees above are for unframed work. If you would prefer the artist to frame your work, please inquire by email.

Fees do not reflect shipping costs.

The artist will retain the copyright to all work. Please state if you are commissioning a commercial work.


Commission Info

Send artist an email stating the size you would like, what medium and any other specifications or inquires. In this preliminary email please attach photograph(s) of the subject which you would like drawn. Rebecca would be happy to help you select an image that would be the best fit for the subject matter and medium.

Photographs must be clear, in focus and please email the highest resolution available.

Photographs taken in natural light or without a flash will look better in the finished work.

If commissioning a portrait with multiple subjects, the subjects can be compiled from separate photographs. If this is the case, the artist will compose a rough sketch and email the client before starting the work and before the deposit is received.

If using a photograph not taken by the client, written permission from the photographer for the commission must be received by the artist before starting the work.

Two progress emails will be sent as the drawing progresses.

Portraits take two weeks to four months to complete depending on the artists workload and the medium used. For example, graphite or charcoal drawings will take less time than a large oil, which takes more time to dry.

An email copy of the finished portrait will be sent to the buyer for approval. Any minor alterations will be done at this time for the satisfaction of the client. The remaining balance is due at this time and the work will not be shipped until it is received.

The prices are found by using a formula that factors in the dimensions of the work, the costliness of the materials to be used, the time, and the processes that will be employed in creating the work.

Artist is willing to frame artwork for client. Fee will include the cost of frame materials, plus 15% for labor. Color choices of frame & mat will be left up to my judgment as to what fits the work best, unless otherwise specified by the client.

Artist is willing to deliver finished artwork to client living within in Snohomish & King County/Greater Seattle area for the cost of $12 per hour of travel time. For clients outside this area finished artwork will be shipped via Federal Express.

Graphite, charcoal, colored pencil and pastel works will be packaged for shipping with a mat, glassine paper cover, foamcore & bubblewrap as protective layering.